The real Black & White Panettone - The Zebra-Striped Panettone by Luca Piantanida | The real Black & White Panettone

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The Zebra-Striped Panettone ®
The numbers in a real Black & white Panettone

It's a cake created to celebrate the memory of a particularly happy moment of my life,
but also to pay homage to "An Old Lady".

For the first time, two types of chocolate, white and dark chocolate,
intertwine in the Panettone remaining distinct in each slice and
creating a special play of colours ... the "Zebra Stripes".
On the crust, fine almonds are mixed with sugar and egg white
and then expertly amalgamated with cocoa.

Thirty-six hours of leavening, five mixtures,
selected raw materials as well as our "MOTHER YEAST"
for creating a harmony of scents and wonderful sensations.

No additives and no preservatives or "magic powders",
only flour, butter, eggs, sugar, white chocolate, dark chocolate,
cocoa, MOTHER YEAST, honey, salt and vanilla.

This RECIPE is our guarantee
for a handcrafted quality product ... and it's the only one we know

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