Zebra-striped Panettone: How we do it - The Zebra-Striped Panettone by Luca Piantanida | The real Black & White Panettone

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The Cake| Preparation

"Mother Yeast" is the key ingredient for making the "Zebra-striped Panettone.
We have been producing our own yeast regularly and with lots of patience since 1983. Every day we wrap and protect the yeast in its special "canvas" cloth, tying it up carefully.

It is then refreshed three times in "open air" (in a bowl, without tying the yeast), strictly every 4 hours, to prepare the yeast to be added to the dough.

The Panettone is mixed twice. The first time, when about 40% of the ingredients are used, it is left to stand at 27/28° for 8 hours. The second time, when all the other ingredients are added and it is completed with honey, salt and chocolate.

For the "Zebra-striped Panettone, these two operations are split, one for the dough to which the white chocolate is added and the second for the dough to which the dark chocolate is added.

The dough is divided in pieces of the weight necessary for SHAPING a Panettone.

Shaping involves "ROUNDING" a piece of dough and placing it in a paper mould or in "cupcake" moulds.

We must wait for at least 12 hours before starting the top GLAZING procedure which also provides darker
zebra stripes.

At this point, after 36 hours from the first yeast refreshing, the "Zebra-striped Panettoneis ready for BAKING in the oven.
It is necessary to bake the Panettone for at least 43 minutes, taking care to keep the heat at a moderate temperature.
Right up to the last minute of baking it is possible to watch how the Panettone grows in size.

The "Zebra-striped Panettoneis baked, SKEWERED with steel pins and TIPPED upside down for about 8 hours. This step is necessary to ensure regular stability to the final product and for its cooling.

The "Zebra-Striped Panettone"®, will then be removed from the rack, bagged and PACKED, ready for sale and to be eaten.

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